SPACE-S wins Dirk Roosenburg Prize 2017

Jury impressed by the courage


SPACE-S in Eindhoven won the Dirk Roosenburg Prize during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The purpose of the prize is to promote the quality of the built environment in the municipality of Eindhoven through public discussion.

From the jury report:

"The SPACE-S project is distinguished by a remarkable and large-scale bottom-up approach. From the beginning, future residents have been involved in the development and design of this plan. This involvement has led to the creation of a community even before the design was completed. The jury is impressed by the courage and perseverance of the housing corporation in order to organize the development and design process in this way and to work towards the realization of more than 400 social housing units on a special hot spot: Strijp-S."

The jury also says: "The involvement of the architect (Inbo) and urban architect has been great in the field of process monitoring and in cooperation with residents to a functional and aesthetic end result. This project is an illustration of the changing role of the architect in current residential plans."

The jury has chosen SPACE-S unanimously as the winner of the Dirk Roosenburg Prize 2017.

More information: Aron Bogers, Frank Zewald