Smart City Development

For German financial capital


Who would have thought that our Chinese contacts would also generate work a lot closer to home? ZTE, a company based in Beijing that we have been working with in China before, asked to share ideas for a strategic location in Germany. Around one of the biggest airports of Germany several smaller cities are jointly searching for solutions how to remain vital, competitive and attractive as living and working place in the future. 

The smaller cities are each strong and unique in e.g. production or services but they have difficulties to stay attractive for people to live in. ZTE was asked to help achieving the ambition of becoming an attractive area by using big data and Smart City Planning. ZTE invited Inbo to join this ambitious challenge. Together we developed a strategic framework for an area of 35 sqm counting approximately 40.000 inhabitants. 

During several workshops we concluded that data and smart technology is only one part of the story. The identity and unique characteristics are important aspect, which can be exploited even more. Its strategic orientation near one of the biggest airports and the financial capital of Germany, in between a green structure and water, offers great opportunities for a region with a clear identity. Based on the data, which gave us insights in economic, social and spacious aspects, we proposed a strategic developing plan in which green, water and buildings are combined to create an attractive natural, social and economic region. 

More information: Aron Bogers, Niels Kranenburg, Shuying Lin