Senior citizens want to live without constraints

The first Senior Smart Living neighbourhood


People are working hard in Schiedam on the construction of the first Senior Smart Living neighbourhood ParkEntree. Houses and apartments with special focus on liveability, sustainability, mobility and communication for people aged 55 and above.

The residents were involved in the design since day one. The new generation of elderly people has its own needs. They want to keep in control and remain active, and they find social interaction important. They want to share their involvement with peers, but also live close to each other. It was due time for a concept that meets those needs. The significant reforms and funding cuts in welfare and healthcare also prompted this development. At the same time, the demand for attractive living environments for senior citizens is increasing too.  

Gerard van Kreuningen and his wife Jane were looking for a smaller house but wanted to remain in Schiedam. ‘We did not want to forsake our social life’, Gerard explains on the website ‘My wife Jane likes to do things with other people and values that greatly, and that possibility will remain once we move. I can be content just reading the paper at times, but I do appreciate the idea that when we grow older, we will still be able to remain in our home in good health for a long time, and that the residents of ParkEntree can assist one another.’

ParkEntree is located at a beautiful spot in the city, near the Beatrix Park and only a few minutes from the historical city centre. The park will consist of 79 privately owned single-storey apartments, as well as ten free sector rental apartments. The open and modern architecture of the projects suits the relaxed character we want to achieve. The use of a light-coloured stone in combination with wood ensures a light tone. Clear shapes and fresh, natural colours; all this placed around a beautiful green court that is freely accessible. There is even a clubhouse with a lounge and a hospitality manager.

This open feeling in the inner garden was an explicit request of the residents. It is from this co-creation that a new home was created for them; ideal for people who enjoy living, working and spending free time with their peers. A place where they can continue to develop, do those things they never really did before, and rediscover their passions. To cite the septuagenarians and future residents Marian and Vincent de Graaf: ‘We want to keep active; we don’t enjoy watching flowers all day, nor channel hopping on the telly.’

ParkEntree is a project of Blauwhoed, Beyond Now, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance and Inbo ontwikkelen.

- Project ParkEntree, Schiedam

Further information: Wilco van Oosten