Rien van Egdom new partner

A connector with strong analytical skills


Architecture and Engineering office Inbo welcomed Rien van Egdom and Mark Dekker to their partner group from September 1st. The 14 partners, among whom the board positions rotate, jointly carry the responsibility for the day-to-day management, the professional development and the financial health of Inbo.

Rien van Egdom
After graduating in 2003, Rien (1981) joined Inbo as an architectural engineer. Based at the Amersfoort branch, he works with his team on complex engineering projects, such as the Grotius Towers in The Hague and Holland Park in Diemen.

Rien is a connector with strong analytical skills. For him, this next step is a confirmation of the trust he experiences within the organisation. At the same time, the change feels natural: “I already held a leading role within the engineering group, and that won’t change. I love to take on a leading position. I adore engineering but also really need that human contact, so this position suits me perfectly. I’m always supervising, guiding and helping the many talented people on my team improve. That’s what I like about Inbo: it’s an organisation with a strong focus on learning.”

In his conversations with his fellow partners, he notices large similarities in what ties them to the firm: “Everyone wants to contribute at the social and societal levels in the long run. What makes a project interesting is not necessarily how large or complex it is, but the way in which we collaborate in a team and how we contribute to the bigger picture. These values make that I find great fulfilment in the projects and connect us, no matter how diverse our firm is.”

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