Redevelopment at breakneck speed

KPN office complex The Hague transforms


The former KPN office complex on the Maanplein, along the A12 in The Hague, is redeveloping into a vibrant living and working environment with a mix of functions in a very fast process. The redevelopment follows the ambitions of the Municipality of The Hague for the transformation of business area Binckhorst. Developer BRECOD bought the 80,000 sqm large KPN complex and at the same time they sold six of the buildings to an investor. Inbo and TconcepT were commissioned to create a master plan for the entire area and to directly design and technical draw the transformation of these six buildings. 

The master plan is a comprehensive plan which gives the opportunity to use the buildings for residential, office, hospitality and other functions such as child care, fitness and short stay. We do this by creating a plan that provides frameworks for development, but mainly by organizing the vivacity on the route between station Voorburg, Maanplein with KPN's headquarters and Marina Binckhorst. 

An integrated team of architects and engineers is working in one project room together with the client on the transformation of the first six buildings into 260 rental houses for developers. That goes at breakneck speed: in 3 months from research to planning application. In the relatively young buildings we have proposed very large loft-like floor plans, making it possible to make optimal use of the existing large window openings. On the outside the living part is especially visible because pf the newly applied balconies and penthouses. In short, a complex technical operation that leads to a plan that looks very naturally. 

More information: Wilco van Oosten (masterplan), Hans Toornstra (buildings)