Preliminary design NHTV Campus

Education Campus in Breda


In our interactive presentation, with which we won the assignment for designing the new international NHTV educational campus in Breda, we promised a lot of dynamics and interaction with students, teachers and staff. We did just that. In three labs after the grand kick-off we collected input and information from students, teachers and staff of NHTV. In work groups represented by the various academy’s – Hotel & Facility, Tourism, Leisure, Games & Media and Urbanism, Logistics & Mobility – and staff services the input was further elaborated.

The result of this process and the collection of ideas is a widely supported preliminary design. The design was presented to all students and employees in a Roadshow along all academy’s, which are now still spread out over several locations in Breda. In the future just about 7.500 students will be placed in one of the three NHTV Campus buildings. Three buildings, each with its own character, offer a suitable place for every Academy.

Meeting one another is the central theme of the new Campus. The campus grounds will be organised by pedestrian routes connecting the buildings, with a central meeting square at the most important crossing. Surrounded by leafy landscapes two formal axis organize the traffic flows of pedestrians and cyclists. Also sport facilities will be created.

The transformation of the Campus buildings will start in 2017 by the renovation of the Maria Mater Dei monastery complex that NHTV has acquired. The large inner courts will be covered with a roof to offer space to a restaurant and food court, the library and study landscape. In the time coming the interior design will be further elaborated into the Final Design. At the beginning of 2016 the 15,000 sqm monastery will be tendered as an Engineer & Build project.

The design of the NHTV Campus is the result of an intensive cooperation between enthusiastic people of Inbo, Culd, Deerns, Pieters Bouwtechniek and DGMR.

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More information: Bert van Breugel, Josine van Gulik