Occupant in charge in open planning process

Broad support for center Emmeloord


After years of uncertainty and disagreement about the future of the center of Emmeloord, the city council commissioned for an open planning process in the summer of 2015. Characteristic of this project was that not the municipality, but residents, businesses and other interested or concerned parties could develop three scenarios for the center. A poll within the community showed a clear preference. Of the more than 1900 votes 60% opted for a more compact center. 

This preference has been accepted by a large majority of the City Council on April 18, 2016. This social and political support paved the way for discussions with investment partners, projects and short-term improvements, specifically in the spirit of the successfully completed open planning process. Guido Wallagh and Jeroen Oomens led the open planning process. The way enthusiasm and confidence were built and, by an interactive participatory process and a specific organization, a clear direction for the center was developed, was clearly recorded in the final report of the external facilitator. 

More information: Guido Wallagh, Jeroen Oomens