Momentum through temporary living

in various locations in Amsterdam


In various locations in Amsterdam (Heesterveld, Bakema neighborhood, Van der Pek neighborhood and Acta) corporations experiment with temporary housing. A tour of these complexes and neighborhoods and interviews with the corporations and temporary tenants shows that temporality contributes to a huge momentum in a bad housing market. It offers opportunities to various groups that have no access to housing through the regular channels.

On behalf of Stad-Forum, an advisory body to the city of Amsterdam, we explored how big the market for the temporary rental of public housing is, what the financial and social benefits are, what minimum quality of living is required and whether or not there are grounds for more pilot projects. The conclusions are clear. Temporary housing is a success for the city. Corporations, the municipality and temporary tenants express a great need to exchange further knowledge and set up new pilot projects. Photographer: Daniel Nicolas

More information: Guido Wallagh