Meet our colleague Daryna Pasyuta

Roadmap for rebuilding Ukraine


Meet our colleague Daryna Pasyuta, Architect and Urban Planner from Kyiv, Ukraine, Daryna  started working for Inbo in April after she and her daughter Yaroslava fled the war in her home country. Within Inbo, she spends her time and expertise on project Ro3kvit: an urban coalition for rebuilding Ukraine. Daryna: “Because of the war 4 million Ukrainians are in Europe. Now that our cities are being destroyed, we can use our time in Europe to work on preparing for recovery. The war provides an opportunity for change.” 

Europe’s best practice in Ukrainian context 
The Ro3kvit team of experts are focusing on research, design and policy-making. The aim is to develop a methodology for rebuilding Ukraine’s infrastructure and cities. Daryna: “Now I focus on analyzing regulations and decision-making in Europe so we can share this knowledge with Ukrainian architects and urban planners. This way we have a better understanding of what works and what is necessary when rebuilding our cities.“  

Daryna: “By researching best practices in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe, we learn how we can apply them in the Ukrainian context.”  

Safe cities  
As part of the Ro3kvit project Daryna works on urban planning issues such as making cities more comfortable and accessible for pedestrians, cyclists, disabled people and strollers. This is not self-evident in most Ukrainian cities. Daryna is also inspired by public transport in The Netherlands: “Many Ukrainians who are abroad now mention the comfortable urban environment and convenient public transport. This is a big issue in Ukraine, with forthcoming work for urban planners and architects.”  

Rebuilding during war  
Ro3kvit is well-aware that it is a delicate topic to think about reconstruction while the war is still being fought, but they are motivated and ready to handle the enormous task that is in front of them. Daryna: “For me personally the work is a way to survive, to not become depressed, to contribute to my country whilst taking care of my daughter. Now I have the opportunity to help rebuild Ukraine within my own profession. As a group we can apply our knowledge of Ukraine, and stay connected to our country from a distance.”  

Quote. Daryna: “Even small changes, in which I can participate for a better future, will be a victory for me.” 

You can help 
Fulco Treffers from Ro3kvit explains how you can support Ukraine and Ukrainians: “Be creative! If Gemeente Utrecht, Kraaijvanger Architects and Inbo can do it, so can you. Make 50-50 deals for Ukrainians in your company. Many Ukrainians are able to bring something extra to your team. Alongside their work they can focus on reconstruction projects and humanitarian assistance via Ro3kvit or other organizations. There is so much to do, and this way you can help to make a difference by connecting people, projects, cities and countries as part of a long term vision.”  

About Ro3kvit: Ro3kvit is a coalition of experts in urban planning, regional planning, housing and heritage, along with related topics such as economics, law, energy, circularity, sociology and policy-making. Ro3kvit works as part of an open-source network in close collaboration with students and citizens, connected through their ideas and expertise. Ro3kvit is a mixed team of specialists including both Ukrainians and internationals who have work experience in Ukraine.  

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