Mark Dekker new partner

Space to develop my own ideas


Architecture and Engineering office Inbo welcomed Rien van Egdom and Mark Dekker to their partner group from September 1st. The 14 partners, among whom the board positions rotate, jointly carry the responsibility for the day-to-day management, the professional development and the financial health of Inbo.

Mark Dekker
Mark (born 1974) has been working at Inbo since 2015. He was the one to set up the office in Shanghai. Together with his team, he works on large-scale architecture and urban development assignments, such as the current development of the future technology city Ganjiang.

Like Rien, Mark sees his new position in the partner group as a token of trust and a logical step: “From day one, I was given ample freedom to develop my own ideas and to carry them out within the collective. That feeling has persisted and is mutual. That’s why the partner group saw this as the right time for a new phase in our collaboration. Partners help each other out and strengthen one another. This is not just a theory at Inbo: it really is the case. I am looking forward to be part of this and to contributing to it.”

Mark believes that clients choose Inbo because the firm always uses dialogue as the fundament for its design process: “This is our strength. We are a collaborative party that shuns arrogance. In China, we follow the same approach as our colleagues in the Netherlands. Whether it’s urban development, an office or a campus, we always create spaces where people come together in an informal setting, allowing for a natural exchange of knowledge. This gives rise to innovation that forms the fundament for housing, working and living. We notice that clients value our approach and return.”

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