Mark Dekker gave a lecture

Smart principles for a sustainable campus development


Mark Dekker, our director Asia Inbo International, gave a lecture at the international symposium in Tainan, Taiwan, last weekend. In this lecture, he explained the smart principles for a sustainable campus development. Two of Inbo’s most successful projects in the Netherlands, Philips High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and Eneco energy Campus in Utrecht, were introduced in order to demonstrate how to apply the key principle of campus design in the dynamic practice. 

The Philips High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, nicknamed ‘the smartest square kilometer of Europe’, is one of the most successful campus developments in the world. Not only because of its very high output of innovations and patents, also because of its energy efficiency and green qualities. A smart framework accommodated the transition from a traditional car-oriented private compound to an inspiring contemporary ‘open innovation’ environment focused on human interaction. 

Starting with the same principles, the new ‘Eneco energy Campus’ in Utrecht will be the superlative degree. In this project the energy transition from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy offers the opportunity to develop an enclosed industry plant into a dynamic mixed-use district with a focus on energy innovation in a circular economy. From the start, knowledge exchange, connecting stakeholders and discussions about the ambition for the site, already led to very valuable strategic alliances, synergies and new groundbreaking initiatives. 

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