Living with the water in Sneek

The 'Catamaran' residential tower


At the Houkesloot, the waterway between Sneek and the Sneekermeer lake, approximately 180 houses are being built on the residential island Houkepoort. Central to the plan is a residential tower of 8 floors with 14 apartments with views over Sneek and its lake. 

The 'Catamaran' residential tower is inspired by the nautical environment and the surrounding polder landscape, in which the tower will soon be visible from afar. A matching materialization of wood and concrete and elegantly curved glass parapets give the building a light, tall and stylish appearance. In the closed wooden plinth are the parking spaces for the cars and the storerooms, with a transparent entrance underneath a beautiful canopy. The apartments - two per storey - are offset in relation to each other so that the qualities of sunlight and views can be optimally utilized. Spacious balconies are all around so that you can sit outside in the sun at or in the shade any time of the day with a spectacular view at the nature reserve Griene Dyk, Sneekermeer and the city centre of Sneek. 

Each apartment has its own berth in the harbour area. Here you live in the Frisian way at the waterfront in the middle of the nature at a stone's throw from the historic centre of Sneek. 

The preliminary design was completed in December. In the spring of 2018 the apartments will go on sale. Around new year interested parties could go to the broker for a sneak preview. The first reactions are very enthusiastic. 

More information: Trude de Vroomen