Learning from the Dutch approach

Happy users in a green ecosystem


Future Hill Campus in Guangzhou is the new settling for our client Vanke, one of the largest real estate developers in China.

Vanke aimed for an attractive healthy and green working environment from young start-ups to matured medium sized enterprises targeting tech, IT and mobile industry. The campus enables them to conduct their individual qualities whilst benefit from a powerful collective; a platform. 

Mark Dekker: “We raised the interest of our Chinese client with our approach on campus development for the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and decided to adapt some of the HTCE campus principles to their location in Guangzhou. We used the surrounding landscape and created a car-free public central space with shared facilities. An exhibition space, a gym, convenience store, restaurant, meeting facilities and incubator spaces maximize social interaction as base condition for open innovation. Sunken gardens, green patios and roof gardens absorb the green qualities of its surrounding and maximize the feeling of working in the green. The combination with the glass façades expresses a contemporary working environment for young professionals” 

Wenli Pan: “The super slick facades have a flush structural glazed curtain wall system: the glass panels are fixated with silicone and have no fixation strips on the glass, which is not very common. A subtle variety of glass patterns gives each building its own character. The abundance of daylight in the interior activates and energizes people during their working day. 

With our Dutch approach on this modern Chinese business campus, we have created a healthy work place and happy users!”

- Project Future Hill Campus, Guangzhou

Further information: Mark Dekker, Wenli Pan