Last phase of Watermuziek under construction

Distinctive villas in ‘Heemstede’ style


In Heemstede a special new residential area is being developed at the former location of the Spaarne Hospital: Watermuziek (water music). The Spaarne river gives a special scenic quality to the location. Earlier four houses were built here to our design, each situated in a wide zone of reed, directly along the open water. 

Recently also the last part of the area was taken under construction, starting with a first official act by the alderman of Heemstede and some of the future residents. Afterwards there was a party, also for the lucky children of the buyers who will be living in this nice quite green area. 

The architectural style of Watermuziek seeks a recognizable connection to the Heemstede style of narrow streets, brick houses, green front yards, steep roofs, prominent window frames and bay windows. In the surrounding neighborhoods there are many villas and semi-detached houses of the ‘Heemstede type’; mostly an ensemble of houses with different details, but a coherent architectural style. Likewise Watermuziek was designed as a series of distinctive houses, together forming a harmonious whole. 

More information: Tako Postma, Jan van Gils