Joost van den Hoek back at Inbo

Director of Urban Planning


“After almost a decade in Asia, I am returning to the Netherlands with a revised perspective on the everyday reality. I really enjoy how beautiful and well-organised the Netherlands is. At the same time, I look forward to applying the insights gained as part of Inbo to tackle the urgent challenges of strategic and urban design for the Netherlands’ future cities.”

Inbo is pleased to announce that Joost van den Hoek, a highly-experienced and international Urban Planner, will be taking up the position of Director of Urban Planning at Inbo.

Joost van den Hoek (1972) is a committed and results-oriented collaborator with both the government and the market regarding the processes of urban design and area development. Working as part of Inbo’s Urban Strategy team, he will oversee urban design assignments, strategic advice and has more-recently overseen the implementation of data tools for area development.

Joost is currently working as part of various teams within Inbo on large assignments such as the Dayang Shan Digital District in Suzhou, and contributes to the area development of the Netherlands with projects such as the Greensquare Campus next to Schiphol Airport, the “Zorgcluster” [Care-Sector Cluster] at Slotervaart and several large-scale residential developments in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam.

Joost learnt his trade as a right-hand-man for Pi de Bruijn on projects such as Zuidas Amsterdam, Roombeek Enschede, and the Arenaboulevard and Buisness Centre in Almere. For the past decade, Joost was predominantly active in China, where he lived with his family in Shanghai.

As Planning and Design Director at the Chinese-Dutch design agency NITA, he was involved in many large scale developments, including the design of the Xiao Lujiazui Pudong Waterfront in Shanghai, large-scale transformations of the Tianhe district in Guangzhou, and the Urban Forest Park and Airport City of Chengdu.

Joost likes to reflect on his profession and doesn’t hold back in his views. He has written many publications and has also appeared on VPRO television programmes as an urban planning expert. For the Chinese market, Joost has written the book: “Dutch towns as seen through planner’s eyes”. His TED-talk about learning from Chinese cities is available on YouTube.

Joost obtained the titles of Urban Planner and Architect at TU Delft. He is readily available to share ideas and is open to new collaborations. He is available via 06-82007790 and