Inbo to receive Vanke Award

Best collaboration-partner of 2017


During the annual collaboration-partner event in Guangzhou last Tuesday March 20, Vanke awarded Inbo with the award for ‘best collaboration-partner of 2017’. After several presentations in which Vanke Guangzhou department leaders shared their evaluation of 2017 and ambitions for 2018, Inbo Associate Partner and Director Asia Mr. Mark Dekker received the award in front of an estimated 450 people audience. 

Inbo representative Mr. Li Chao was honored to see Vanke Guangzhou Chief Design Partner Mr. Chen Yang use Inbo’s designs in his speech as an excellent example for how Vanke intends to operate in the design process. “A great acknowledgement for our intensive work on four challenging projects in the past year and our efforts to develop specific design solutions in close collaboration with the Vanke team” said Mr. Dekker after receiving the award. 

The four projects include a hotel and the Lee Kum Kee’s Guangzhou headquarter office in the South Railway station commercial district, both ready to be built and on-site preparations ongoing. Another design for an office campus expected to start construction in the coming months.

- Hotel & Conference center, Guangzhou
- Huangshi Road Housig, Guangzhou
- South station Headquarter office, Guangzhou

More information: Mark Dekker