Inbo endorses Circular Manifest

A healthy, future-proof living environment


As part of the Government-wide program 'The Netherlands Circular in 2050', the BNA wants to contribute to the ambition of a circular built environment in the Netherlands in 2050, by stimulating thinking about it and conducting the conversation across the board. To support architectural firms, the BNA and a number of members, including Inbo, wrote the 'Manifest Circular Architecture'. 

As an urban planner, architect and engineer, we are at the basis of the construction chain, which is responsible for a very large share in the total amount of CO2 emissions. We therefore feel responsible for making sensible, weighted and future-oriented choices in our designs. We want to inspire our clients, involved consultants and contractors to take steps together with us to realize a healthy, future-proof living environment. We therefore wholeheartedly endorse the objectives of the BNA Manifest. 

Circularity at Inbo is part of what we call 'Social Impact': the belief that the way in which we, together with users, residents, clients, fellow advisers and builders, come to a design, a building, a living environment makes an important contribution to a closer society. 

More information: Aron Bogers, Arnold Homan