High Tech Campus Data center design

The new Brainport Eindhoven datacenter


Inbo is assisting KPN with the development of the new Brainport Eindhoven datacenter at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The campus location, at the very heart of the Brainport region, was a major reason for KPN for moving its datacenter to the High Tech Campus, the Brainport region’s hotspot. The center will be constructed at the southern part of the campus next to the A2.

The construction of the datacenter characterizes a new phase in the High Tech Campus’ development. The demand for existing and new real estate on the Campus increasingly focuses on buildings that feature spaces for facilities and production. These buildings feature limited office spaces, an attractive atrium and relatively simple lab facilities with a blind façade. The KPN datacenter is the second of its kind to be constructed on the High Tech Campus, after Solliance.

The datacenter design revolves around an elongated volume housing the actual datacenter, the beating heart of the building. The datacenter is confined between two taller expressive volumes that house the office and installation spaces. The façade design applies a chic combination of both mat and polished aluminum, modestly colored along the blind façade and with expressive color accents on the taller volumes. Altogether an ensemble that perfectly fits the High Tech Campus both day and night.    

More information: Bert van Breugel, Niels Kranenburg