Green oasis in Shanghai

Transformation of existing buildings


The first thing we noticed when we visited the former industrial area was the location, in the bend of the Yujingpu river. A beautiful place, which is now absolutely not being used, because only the buildings backsides are connected to it. The area itself is actually quite nice, with nice green courtyards between the buildings. Overall, a great opportunity to transform this area into a vibrant working environment. 

Due to the rapid growth of Shanghai in the past 20 years, there are many relatively small-scale developments on former factory areas downtown, such as this one. With just a few strategic interventions, these places can often be transformed into a smart mixed-use area, where the growing cultural offer and startups find themselves a new home. 

In this case we proposed to extend the existing road, so we create a shortcut in the bend of the river. Therefore, the road along the water is not needed anymore. This allows us to connect the working environment with shady patios to a green pedestrian route along the water. The result is a green oasis in the city. 

The existing buildings are outdated and will be transformed. According to governmental rules, the building mass must exactly follow the contours of the existing buildings. The offices, workshops, restaurants and other facilities will be organised in buildings around the green patios. The architecture is a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese elements. Large window openings create pleasant light spaces. The construction will start in March.

More information: Aron Bogers, Mark Dekker, Shuying Lin, Niels Kranenburg