Entering the monastery with a smile

NHTV monastery is stripped


Do you know that feeling that you are walking through a building and a big smile appears on your face? That happens every time I walk through the former monastery that NHTV University recently gained the ownership of. "I'm going into the monastery again this afternoon," I happily tell my colleagues. Immediately after the last sisters left the building in May, NHTV organized a party week for its 50th anniversary. The monastery was decorated as a party venue. What a few coloured LED lights can do with a chapel! Except from some acoustic measures, little measures are needed to use the chapel as a college and multifunctional room.

Contractor Mertens almost completely stripped the building from unnecessary inner walls and finishes, allowing the building to show its original spatial quality. On the first and second floors, the rooms of the sisters were removed, resulting in long open floors where the daylight is abundant; you can imagine the NHTV students and employees working here together. The original rooms are still visible on the beautiful concrete ceiling: a central hallway with monastery cells on either side. And that within a width of only 6.5 meters.

The two large courtyards will be covered and added as a ‘social community’ room to the university. The largest will get a media library and food court. This will be one of the most important hotspots of the campus. The floors around it will become the domain of the Tourism Management study. The second, slightly smaller atrium will become the heart of the Hotel and Facility Management studies. The construction of it - in week 40, the first piles will enter the ground - can be monitored live via the webcam on the website of Mertens.

Parallel to the reconstruction of the monastery, the renovation of the area is being prepared by Antea. After all, a campus is not a campus without a landscape design with a high quality of stay. In addition, the engineering of the next building to be rebuilt will begin, of which the tender was also won by Mertens.

The NHTV campus was designed by Inbo, Culd, Deerns, Pieters Bouwtechniek en DGMR. Brink Groep is responsible for the project management. 

More information: Josine van Gulik, Bert van Breugel