Dentistry appears from scaffolding

Complex renovation of a sturdy building


At the Radboud University Campus the renewed Dentistry building appears from its scaffolding. With a few smart interventions the building will soon be ready for use for many years to come.  

To be particularly proud of: the typical Dentistry building, one of the great buildings of the Radboud University, is completely renovated and again a timeless building. The new facade is built around the existing, with many specific architectural details. The large atrium adds a new spaciousness and overview. At the same time the character of the original building is still very well visible. 

The renovation of the Dentistry building is carried out by a consortium of Van Wijnen, Trebbe and Kuijpers. The complete renovation of the 22,500 m² building will take place in three phases. During the renovation parts of the building remain in use for education and patient treatment. 

The most eye-catching elements such as facades, the atrium, most of the students area and the treatment center will be ready before the new school year starts. Shortly after this phase the clinics at the clinic square will be finished. In the summer of 2017, the whole renovation will be completed. All users will then come to work and study in their new high-quality environment. 

- Project Dental Science, RadboudUniversity

More information: Saxon-Lear Duckworth, Jeroen Simons