Compact urban development

Improving the existing


Pre Wonen, together with Inbo, develops transformation plans for multiple locations that fit the demands of the present time: smaller, much attention to detail, the environment and an intelligent approach to phasing. The urban plan for the planning area Jan Sluyterlaan in Haarlem and the Plantage in Beverwijk illustrate what we call compact urban development.

Strict principles feasibility and phasing 
From a strict assumptions on the feasibility and phasing a great quality leap in the vicinity of the Jan Sluyter laan was achieved. Along with Pre Wonen and the City of Haarlem, we searched for a new fresh look, that respects the cultural history of the reconstruction neighborhood. The structure of the neighborhood has changed from obscure courtyards to clear blocks. Through smart positioning of the building blocks existing underground infrastructure can be used. There is a good connection with the existing public space. The first phase is currently in progress.

Improving the existing
In Beverwijk we work on an urban plan for the Plantage. Here, blocks of flats make way for houses in a spacious, green setting. Together with Pre Wonen and the municipality of Beverwijk we work on the optimal layout within the existing infrastructure. By using what is already there in a smart way, we start with a lead.  

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