Community building

Transformation BUas campus


Monastery garden transformed into lively meeting spot for Breda University of applied sciences. 

‘During his explorations of the Campus, Oliver is surprised by the vast availability of facilities and the many possibilities. He finds great workspaces at the academies as well. The ground floor of the monastery has been transformed into a large open space with lots of light and various meeting spots, where one can work, relax, eat and chat.’ 

This is a fragment from the “Campus Bidbook” that Breda University of applied sciences (BUas) wrote in 2015 as a tender for a new educational campus. The bidbook, composed by students, gave off a clear signal: the campus should primarily be an inspiring meeting spot. ‘Students don’t need to go into town; the campus truly is a part of the city. After a long day, one can stay there for dinner, or get a bite during a free moment throughout the day.’ 

The former Maria Mater Dei monastery, transformed into an educational building, now functions as the primary meeting hotspot for the BUas community of students, staff and visitors. Two monastery gardens were roofed. The larger of the two now acts as food court, library and entrance to the ‘domain Tourism’. The smaller was made into a community space for Hotel and Facility Management. The third monastery garden became an entrance court. 

Meanwhile, people are working hard on the second and third phase of the BUas campus. Two more buildings are being renovated, and the second part of the landscape is being laid out. By the end of the year, all buildings and outside areas will have plenty of community spaces, where studying, meeting and relaxing will go hand in hand. 

The BUas campus is a total engineering design by Inbo, Culd, Deerns, DGMR and Pieters Bouwtechniek. The interior design came about in collaboration with design agency B&W, under Inbo supervision. 

- Project commity building BUas, Breda (in Dutch)

Further information: Josine van Gulik, Bert van Breugel, Pieter Keijzer