And the winner is..... Almanak!

Residential in Utrecht


We're excited to let you know we've won the design&development tender for plot 13B in Leeuwesteyn in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We developed the Art-Deco inspired design for Plegt-Vos and CBRE Global Investors in close collaboration with RRog Stedenbouw en Landschap for the design of the shared space.

The architecture of Leeuwesteyn hails the heritage of Utrecht, calling for a contemporary design approach inspired by the characteristics of the Art-Deco movement. Located at the foot of the Dafne Schippers bridge spanning the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, the landmark building will mark the entrance to the new neighborhood with eye-catching architecture and meaningful programming.

Expressive brickwork sets the tone. Refined relief contrasts with the robust arches on the waterfront, echoing the industrial heritage along the canal. The car-free residential alleys enjoy the intimate scale of individual townhouses. The Coffee&Bikes cafe overlooking the waterway grabs the attention of passers-by. Our design interweaves the buzz on the street with the serene community courtyard, making life in Almanak a relaxing and interactive urban experience.

Project Leeuwesteyn, Utrecht

More information: Kevin Battarbee