Air and light for a proud school

Winning selection for ROC Amsterdam


Tucked away in the Elandstraat, in the heart of the Jordaan in Amsterdam, is the ROC bread and pastry school, known as the biggest and best bakery school in the Netherlands. The three buildings of the school are situated around a fully built-in courtyard and form a messy and cluttered ensemble of numerous extensions, accessed only via a hidden entrance behind some parked cars. Not the appearance you would expect from a school with renowned teachers and famous former pupils which are now in possession of Michelin star.

Arcadis, who helped the school with a new lay-out plan, advised the ROC to write out an architecture competition for the renovation of their school. “For this selection the school asked for solutions for the dark and uninviting entrance and front office desk. With this case in hand we convinced the school that, within the given budget, we could both give the school a grand new entrance and reception and transform the school into in a well-functioning and well-connected school. A school where there is plenty of room for meeting one another and exposure of the educational program.” says Rik Bakker, who won the selection together with his colleague Pieter Keijzer. “The school will be renovated with a spacious and bright entrance hall, connected to the ‘cleared up’ inner courtyard. From this new ‘inner’ courtyard all adjoining classrooms are interconnected and an overview is created. But most important: the education the school is so proud of, will be made visible again.”   

More information: Rik Bakker, Pieter Keijzer