Adriënne on De Heus

Fits like a glove




When Inbo architect Adriënne Kolen sees a truck with De Heus animal feed passing by, her eyes start to shine with pride. Hardly surprising when you’re working on workspace concepts for this company all over the world. And certainly when this company is a top-employer to its employees, but also his advisors.  
De Heus strives for an undertaking and attractive work environment in which their employees can develop optimally and gain and share their knowledge. Adriënne Kolen has designed a new office- and laboratory environment that facilitates this ambition. The clear concept enables all new and transformed offices of De Heus to benefit optimally. “To give all different departments, countries and even cultures their own place and, at the same time, a collective appearance, we visualized a liberal interpretation of the new activity-oriented work concept. This is based on buildings blocks and a couple of recognizable design elements, combined with an own local translation and materialization for each office. The designs help the employees to turn their office into a ‘home’ and at the same time give them the feeling they’re part of the global company De Heus. This is done with our senses and common sense; the lab spaces for example meet all technical requirements, but with the atmosphere of a comfortable and attractive workspace. Offices stimulate cooperation by the way they have been set up and by a kind business atmosphere. The art collection of the family De Heus also plays a special role in this matter.”    

The assignment for De Heus fitted Adriënne like a glove. In this project her personal commitment, affinity with interior design and interest in transformations were combined perfectly. At this moment Adriënne studies at the NRP (National Renovation Platform) Academy and spreads their slogan ‘The real estate of tomorrow is already here’. “A nice aspect about the design for De Heus is the application of the work concept to new as well as existing offices. This kind of existing spaces often offer the possibility to create a wide spaciousness and to get the best out of the building. This has aroused my interest over the past years, more and more. I find a challenge in combining the intrinsic qualities with the design request within an existing building, in a way that new and surprising forms of use arise. For De Heus this has already led to exceptional end results in Ede, Veghel, Leczyca and Ho Chi Minh City. And the project continues even further. I’m rather proud of that!”

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