A rock-solid plan

Urban development plan for Koningsoord


At the centre of the village of Berkel-Enschot, we find the Koningsoord Abbey. In 2010, the building and its surrounding farmlands were released for development. A beautiful environment for a new residential area. However, the financial crisis came about and caused delays in the planning. The lead time thus became much longer, but this meant more time for new wishes and adjustments. However, at the same time, the fundamentals and identity of the urban development plan needed to be maintained too. Flexibility proved to yield the best results.

The first residents

Together with the municipality and Heijmans, Inbo drafted an urban development plan for 750 homes as well as all village centre facilities: a cultural centre with a library, catering, a medical centre with a pharmacy and a complete shopping centre for the village. Despite the setbacks during the crisis and the resulting long lead time, the realisation is now finally in full swing. The renovated main building of the Abbey (library, catering and cultural centre) was recently opened, and the first residents have arrived.
Building on rich history
From the very start in 2007, Inbo has been closely involved in the planning – and it still is. Over the last few years, some parts of the plan have been changed, but the foundations of the plan are still rock-solid. Historical buildings and characteristic green structures such as mature oak avenues form the basis of the urban development plan. This creates a construction project that literally builds upon the rich history of the location.

Further information: Menno Moerman, Robin Warnar