A mess of construction cranes

InboEngineering visits Holland Park


The future can happen to you, or you can direct it yourself. That latter is what Bergwijkstadpark - a combination of Snippe Projecten and Bouwaccent - is doing with the enormous transformation of Bergwijkpark into Holland Park, a new residential area with about 3,000 homes that add real quality to the city. The scale of the plan and the speed with which it is being built is impressive. The cacophony of construction cranes are a lust for the eye. Especially for our group of 50 architects, who were invited by builder UBA to have a look at their own and at their colleagues engineering work. 

Block 17, of which the houses were designed by several Inbo colleagues, is still only rough construction. The inspirational stories about inspiration from all over the world, which they talk about in the film in the information centre, are yet to become reality. In a few months they will start with this piece of the city, which is getting more and more alive. 

For the buildings along the side of the street, designed by Soeters PPHP, and several other blocks we had the opportunity to do the engineering and to bring together the different designs into an integral plan. Those blocks are in a different stage; the first one will be completed soon. Although it still is a large building site, the first inhabitants can see how the final quality of Holland Park will be. Professionals as they are, our engineers especially saw the details that could have been done even better next time... 

Rien van Egdom, Project Leader for the blocks engineered by Inbo, tells about the complexity of the plan: "The plan has an enormous diversity. There are almost an infinite number of combinations, possible of types of masonry, frames, balustrades, balconies and eaves. Add the complex and characteristic facades (not one is similar) and you understand why this project is so challenging. Rien adds: "I'm proud of the efficiency of the way we work on this project. Thereby, all the parties we work with are satisfied. That is great." 

- Watch the video of Holland Park here

More information: Piet van der Ploeg, Rien van Egdom