Urban Strategy

What are today’s spatial challenges? What happens in the market, what drives users and what do they want? How can I generate new markets, find and bind new target groups? How do I make these plans feasible, viable and sustainable in the long run? 

We research, advice and design. We device processes based on content. We work at all scale levels on spatial solutions for here and now – with an eye for the future. To both develop and retain the value of buildings and terrains. 

We are inventive, creative and pragmatic. And above all, independent. We don’t shy away from difficult tasks. We communicate in a persuasive and concise manner. Based on participation and serious approach, we look for bonds and we create a base of support.


The complex assignments that we pursue often contain varying interests: financial, legal, technical and human interests. Very often we fulfil a role of mediator, moderator and connector in these processes. 

As a multi-disciplinary firm, we are used to coordinating between interests and disciplines. As designers and advisors, we are used to direct and structure processes. To conceive appropriate solutions that can rely on wide acceptance. 

We do that by understanding the people with whom we deal. By listening. By being honest and clear about what is possible and what is not. What is permanent and where is there still room to manoeuvre. By never saying no, but by explaining why something is not a good idea and how it might well be possible. By asking why. By distilling the common denominator out of the different interests.

Processing and programming management

Making sure that neighbourhoods, districts and cities are moving with the times. That is the challenge in the Netherlands. If regular maintenance is no longer sufficient, then redevelopment (less programming), in-fill development (more programming) or reconstruction (the same programming in a different configuration) is called for. 

Physical renewal thrives best if it goes hand in hand with social and economical renewal. Urban challenges demand short-term results and conditions that also ensure results in the course of time. 

Our process managers know what works well. Per assignment, we study the specific situation in-depth and the issues behind the demands. We speak the language of the inhabitants, the contractors and the administrators. We attach immense value to communication and participation. We make the step from vision via strategy to concrete results. Always with care, openness and result-orientation.


Because challenges have increasingly shifted to urban living and working environments and the market has changed from a supply to a demand market, it is more important than ever to connect to the interests of the residents and contractors. 

Finding acceptance is not sufficient. Participation is necessary to activate the parties and individuals and to have them assume co-responsibility. This means agreeing with initiatives from the bottom up. Let hidden strengths blossom. Have people truly connect to the creation of plans. 

We do that by literally diving into the area. By engaging people. By offering them a podium. By speaking a clear language. We do that in order to make sure that the built-up trust is also redeemed. To transform words into deeds - jointly and as fast as possible.

- Urban Strategy projects

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