Urban development


Campus development is hot. More and more players from the world of government, education, research and business recognise the advantages of smarter collaboration within a mutual location. A campus where parties that complement each other create a mutual climate that accelerates innovation and economic development. 

Campus development is therefore about connecting people. About the vital maintenance of a corporate eco system. About facilitating and organising meetings among companies and institutes. This is always customised work. After all, each campus is different in scope, focus and spatial form. 

The dissects the complex interplay of content, approach and scope of campus development into five specific dimensions: exchange, complementing, flywheel, context and place-making. It offers an integral approach for the location, the buildings and facilities (hardware), for people and activities (software) and for creating a match between the two (orgware). 

Practical urban planning

The current process of redeveloping areas demands review, flexibility and intermediate results. Producible designs and realistic products for developing and retaining value. 

We are a strategic discussion partner in the development of cities, towns and the landscapes in between them. We get our inspiration from the residents and users. We organise meetings in order to connect all the parties involved. We dedicate our design efforts to creating acceptance and commitment. 

Our contextual approach leads to designs that fit naturally in their existing context. From residential neighbourhoods to railway station areas, from transformations of areas to layout plans, from future visions to plans for aesthetic quality.

- Urban development projects

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