Making dreams come true

It’s one thing to create a nice drawing. It’s something else to be able to build it. Not to mention taking a photo of it after 10 years and still being proud of it. A photo where the building is standing just as austere as it was upon delivery. 

Our engineers take a beautiful photo and turn it into reality. Our engineers are the link between the dream of an architect and the skills of a contractor. We make plans feasible and viable within an aesthetic context. 

We coordinate between disciplines. Between architect and contractor. Between client and authorities. Between pipe dreams and gravity. Between proven technology and ingenious new solutions. Guaranteed to be good.

Circular BIM

There are many definitions for the acronym BIM. We would like to add another one: Building Innovation Motor. We believe that BIM will really change the world of building; the way we design and engineer, the way we build and manage. BIM is becoming circular, significant in all the life phases of buildings. 

Together with other designing parties, we approach our work integrally, using increasingly smarter BIM models. We prepare construction in BIM with and for the contractors. Our BIM models make building management easier and more economic for owners, managers and users. 

BIM demands trust among the parties involved and thereby stimulates cooperation and exchange of information. BIM makes our work better and smarter. Fewer error costs. More control. More insight. And mainly – more fun in doing things together.

Concurrent engineering

Everyone talks about it. We do it. Real integral collaboration. Simultaneously, at a single place, in a single model and with a single mutual goal. At our office, at the client’s site, in the builders site hut or at an education facility. 

All the options, considerations and alternatives are examined and weighed jointly and simultaneously from the perspective of various disciplines and the total life cycle. The design processes do not follow one another, but run parallel. 

Concurrent engineering simplifies and improves communication. Concurrent engineering saves time and provides higher quality in both design and construction preparations. Concurrent engineering makes our work even nicer than what it used to be.

- Engineering projects

For more information, please contact Emiel Hengst, Josine van Gulik, Piet van der Ploeg or Wilco van Gils.