Management and transformation

Preserving treasured places

Vacant premises and transformations

There are millions square metres of vacant premises in the Netherlands. Because it’s cheaper to build from scratch. Because the purposes of these buildings are outdated. Because the chances for new uses are nought. 

Transformation has become an even larger demand than building new structures. What is the new target group and is the location suitable for it? Is there public transportation nearby? Parking accommodations? Are there facilities in the area? Is it is a safe area for living, staying or working? And what will happen to the vacant premises in the area? 

If there is a green light for transformation, then this offers immense opportunities. We have already saved various premises from demolition. By showing the possibilities: the new climate that can be created; the enormous spaciousness by the excess in construction; the beautiful materials that are obtained for free. 

Maintenance as a design discipline

Too often buildings are designed for the moment of delivery. For that one nice photo just before occupation. We do things differently. We believe that the building’s life only begins at that point. 

We create buildings in which that people enjoy living, staying and working. We create buildings that can be just as beautifully photographed after 10 years. We think in terms of the total life cycle. 

Our choices as architects determine to a large extent how a building will be used, managed and maintained. Management and maintenance is an obvious design aspect in designing the layouts, proposing materials and drawing the details.

BIM: As-Maintained model

The BIM models created by architects, advisors and implementing parties contain a wealth of information. Information about the materials and products applied, about where ducts and pipelines run, about connection details. Information that’s vitally important for managing and maintenance. 

We want to make this information accessible to the building users, managers and owners. Our As-Maintained BIM models function as visual carriers of all the building information. From guarantee declarations to cleaning instructions, from the type of light sources to video, including maintenance instructions. 

For a greater grip and steering ability on the technical management of a building: corrective and preventive maintenance. For real estate management: strategic deployment of the available space. For facility management: use, cleaning and catering. And for the predictable value inherent to the data produced by BIM models.

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