Everyone is unique. Every place is different. Thus also our buildings.

We create inspiring places in which people can feel at home, places that change along with their residents. Houses in which people enjoy living. Workspaces where people can learn the most and perform at their best. Places where people can meet each other. Places that people want to be part of, creating communities. Where it is pleasant to be together. There is always a connection to the place, to its history, to memories. New impulses reinforce the power of what is already there.

We take responsibility for our work. For more than 50 years.

Since our establishment in 1962, we have built in the world surrounding us. A rapidly changing world to which we have to adapt. As a platform for encounters, we contribute to social dialogue. We think about our role and what we leave behind. With our feet on the ground and an open view to a sustainable future.

For us thinking is about doing. This down-to-earth approach characterises our work.

We are a reliable partner for our many existing and new clients. It is not the effort, but the result that counts. That’s why we guarantee quality and expertise. Sensible and good. We make plans feasible, buildable and usable. And beautiful, of course.