Doing what you’re good at. And becoming even better at it.

We are convinced that you get the best out of people if you let them do what they are good at and enthusiastic about. That’s why we give people the room to develop their talents and share their knowledge. We organise training sessions and workshops. Lectures and master classes. We invite external experts and challenge also our own people to share their knowledge.

Learning and inspiring continuously. That characterises us as professionals.

Professionals don’t need to be challenged to learn. They do that automatically. That’s why they are professionals. People who always want to be on top of the latest developments in their profession. And to also convey this to others. That’s why training sessions at our InboAcademy are always connected to topicality. And therefore also to the vision and strategic development of Inbo.

We are pleased to share our knowledge. Also with you.

Are you interested in one of our training sessions? We regularly organise meetings and customised training for our clients and business partners. For more information, contact /
+31 (0)33 286 8211.